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Dermaplaning is one of the most popular skin care treatments available today. This procedure is a very effective treatment, which involves gently scraping off the top layers of dead skin cells. It removes the buildup of skin cells and hair to provide you with an awesome glow. Dermaplaning can also remove peach fuzz, and allows for better penetration of skin care products. This treatment is appropriate for most skin types, however those with active acne breakouts should avoid this treatment. A proper consultation will be needed to ensure if this treatment is recommended for you. Dermaplaning is an effective treatment for:

  • Achieving a healthier glow
  • Improving complexion
  • Removing peach fuzz
  • An alternative to chemical exfoliation treatments

What Our Clients Say

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Marcelle Caruana RN, CANS has been performing my fillers and botox since 2005. I now work overseas, and once a year I return back to Toronto on vacation to see Marcelle for my Botox and fillers. Marcelle is very professional. I totally trust her skills and education in providing these injections. She has never stepped outside the boundary of her profession. She takes part in additional specialty training to ensure that her clients’ best interest is recognized.

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Woodbridge, ON

Marcelle Caruana, RN, CANS of Skin Medic Ltd., is one of the most professional and knowledgeable nurses I know. She has been performing my dermal filler injections for about 7 years now. I appreciate her services and feel very confident when Marcelle, as a trained nurse, is performing my injections. She always provides the highest standard of care.

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Toronto, ON

Marcelle has been treating me for many years for my injections. She is the best. Before any new procedure, she always takes the time to explain exactly what is going to happen. There are never any surprises. She is meticulous in her work, and is extremely gentle. I have moved quite a distance from her offices but travel just to see her. I would never have anyone else doing my procedures. She is highly qualified and competent.

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Woodbridge, ON

Thank you again, Marcelle! I look and feel so much better! I’m 60 but feel like I’m 50! Marcelle , you are so gifted with your talents and I would not trust anyone else! Hugs! Stay Safe!

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Lynn M.

Just a note to say thank you to Marcelle and Shayla for their work on my face and neck. I had my second treatment and you can see results. As a person who can’t tolerate pain, I thought it would hurt even with the freezing. But it really is a breeze. Every once in a while you feel a little prick. But the results are so worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

This procedure is a very effective treatment which involves gently scraping off dead skin cells with the use of a blade. It removes the buildup of skin cells and hair to provide you with an awesome glow. A proper consultation will be needed to ensure if this treatment is recommended for you

A typical session will last around 45 minutes

For optimal results, this treatment should be done monthly, as dead skin accumulates every few weeks

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